Leanna Crawford Review


Leanna Crawford Review

By Griff Stevens

leanna-crawford-cdLeanna Crawford is a singer and songwriter from northwestern Washington. For the past two and a half years, she has been writing, touring, and singing with some of the biggest names in the Christian music industry. Her talents are gaining her more and more fans, but her music is grounded with honest lyrics. That confidante approach shines through in her vocals and songwriting. “I hope [listeners] feel that I care about them even if I don’t know them, that they would feel loved and encouraged,” states Crawford. Her self-titled EP is now releasing. Her sophomore release contains six songs that speak honestly about doubt and insecurity, as well as the hope Christ offers in our darkest moments. Crawford’s ability to fuse kind and wise words with contagious, pop-inspired beats is delightful.

With a driving piano part and a rhythmic vocal pattern, “Photoshop” instantly grabs your attention. Crawford’s playful yet insightful lyrics give wisdom and encouragement. The music that surrounds Crawford’s voice is a tapestry of pop sounds and production. Her singing isleanna always technically sound, and her diction is clear. This is a positive pop song that will ring in the mind for hours.

“Truth I’m Standing On” is a beautiful inspiration praise song that has a gorgeous melody. Crawford’s singing is robust on this one, she sings with confidence and richness that assures you she believes everything she is singing. The band enters mid-way through with a catchy six-eight feel. The string sounds and big guitars and driving beat add to the power of the song.

Crawford is growing in reputation and spreading the good news with power and a beautiful sound. The six songs have a variety of feels and tempos. The lyrics are meaningful, and the singing is divine. This is pop music with a positive, profound Christ centered message.

5-finger-rate-93Leanna Crawford – EP

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