Cait | Genius Review


Cait | Genius Review

By Bea Willis

cait-cdCait creates a new vibe with her modern take on the classic singer/songwriter, a yield that is paired with equal parts visual and musical. Her hypnotic melodies are adorned with high fashion descriptions of catchy beats, colorful guitars, genuine lyrics, surfaced piano, and an undeniable aura combined to create a genuine and stimulating package that is all Cait. The Cait sound has earned praise from Billboard, with the publication saying her music has “raw emotion and an angelic vocal performance.” Drawing on her experience as an in-demand visual artist and photographer, Cait pairs her brand of honest pop with dreamy atmospheres full of stunning imagery that is distinctly her own. A native of Madison, Wisconsin, turned Los Angeles lover, Cait is an artist in multiple realms. Since graduating with a full scholarship from Berklee College of Music, Cait has worked behind the scenes as a writer for various artists on indie and major labels. Her latest single is titled “Genius.”

“Genius” continues Cait’s journey as a storyteller that writes and independently releases her own music, along with beingcait-22 the sole visual creator for her music brand: designing her own single artwork, producing her own photoshoots, filming, directing, and editing her own music videos and online visual content. That whole approach comes through on “Genius” as she writes, “Pull me in like the ocean, I see it all in slow motion, All my pages unfolding, Honestly, can’t believe this, You must be some kind of genius.” Her lyrics and music flow as if clearly narrated from her vivid imagination. The pop aesthetics fit like a glove around her soft clear songbird melody.

caitCait continues to grow as an artist, brand, and social impactor with a significant social media following.  Achieving her goal of “connecting through creativity,” Cait provides tools for other creatives and entrepreneurs with products like her Social Motion Packs, her YouTube channel where she shows behind-the-scenes of her creative process, and the community dubbed Club Cait where her followers can share ideas, encouragement and get exclusive access to everything Cait. Don’t miss her latest installment called “Genius.”



Release Date: April 9, 2021
Label: Cait, Inc.

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