Costanza Principe | Schumann: Piano Music Review


Costanza Principe | Schumann: Piano Music Review

By Illiam Sebitz

Costanza-Principe-cdItalian pianist Costanza Principe has been performing throughout Italy, the UK, France, and South America as a soloist and a chamber musician since her public debut at seven. She is the winner of several national and international competitions, including the Lilian Davies Prize from the Royal Academy of Music, the second prize at the Beethoven Society of Europe Intercollegiate Piano Competition, the second prize (first not awarded) at the Premio Pecar International Competition in Gorizia, Italy, and the second prize at the Concours International de Piano in Lagny sur Marne, she made her debut with the orchestra in 2008 playing three Mozart Concertos with the Filarmonici Europei Orchestra conducted by Aldo Ceccato. Her performances have been broadcast on Radio Classica, Italian TV, and RaiRadio3; she also had masterclasses with Franco Scala, Pascal Devoyon, Boris Petrushansky, Byron Janis, Boris Berman, Yoheved Kaplinsky, Vsevolod Dvorkin, Natalia Trull, Robert Levin, Alexander Lonquich, Peter Bithell, Steven Osborne, Hung Kuang Chen, and Marios Papadopoulos. Schumann: Piano Music is an exciting debut from a captivating young pianist with a zeal for Schumann.

“Romanze No. 2 in F-Sharp Major, Op. 28” is brought to life by Principe’s romantic touch on the piano and sensitive andCostanza-Principe-2 exquisite theme shaping. Each section is given its own energy as she brings out the variations on the theme. The B section’s minor colors and dramatic build are powerful but not overwhelming. Principe is a pianist that breathes character and meaning into each phrase, a proper art form, especially when playing romantic music.

The playful “4 Klavierstücke, Op. 32: I. Scherzo” shows a more aggressive and eager side of Principe. However, her touch is still controlled and focused on phrasing. The use of dynamics is lovely, as is her ability to colorize the themes and variations while still making them flow as a movement and sound as a whole.

Pianist Costanza Principe is a highly sensitive musician with a beautiful touch that easily slides between romantic andCostanza-Principe classical. Her use of color is tasteful, and her energy is always pulling your attention to the theme and its variations. Schumann: Piano Music is an unprecedented step in a journey that will be filled with masterful renditions of the before-mentioned qualities. Principe is one to watch, follow, and journey with in her musical explorations.

5-finger-rate-93Schumann: Piano Music

Release Date: March 25, 2022

Label: Brilliant Classics



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