Nadia Kamrath | Seven Steps Behind You Review


Nadia Kamrath | Seven Steps Behind You Review

By Bea Willis

Nadia-Kamrath-cdNadia Kamrath is an indie-folk singer/songwriter that tells stories about love in its most fragile states through her music. Her vulnerable lyrics are set to soft indie pop and folk musical settings with dreamy hooks and whimsical piano and keyboards. Kamrath describes her style: “I write soft and vulnerable indie-pop songs filled with dreamy hooks and melodies. I love telling stories about my experiences and interpretations of love in its most fragile state. I hope you enjoy listening to my songs as much as I enjoyed creating them.” Her latest exploration is titled “Seven Steps Behind You.”

“Seven Steps Behind You” is a contemplative, emotionally layered song about yourNadia-Kamrath-2 deepest, darkest fears of hoping your love is true and mutual. Kamrath’s vocal delivery is dry and whispy as she phenomenally brings her dynamic character to life and takes her through the song’s emotions. Her tone and delivery make you feel she feels like the character. The many layers of piano, keyboard, string sounds, percussion, and guitar surge with the growth drama of the character while still being supportive and musical.

Nadia-KamrathKamrath’s “Seven Steps Behind You” shows an artist that is wise beyond her years in lyric writing, and her dreamy soundscapes do a fine job of capturing your imagination and attention. “Seven Steps Behind You” is an excellent song marked by a memorable melody and stunning lyric writing. Kamrath is on her way to being one of the best indie artists you never knew you needed to discover.




Seven Steps Behind You

Release Date: March 11, 2022

Label: Amethyst Records

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