Elyse Saunders : Free Review


Elyse Saunders : Free Review

By: Bea Willis

Elyse-Saunders-cdElyse Saunders is a Canadian recording artist that has a contemporary sound that is influenced by country and pop. Saunders is an Ontario native that is following a path of steadfast determination and artistic inspiration – regularly captivating crowds with her powerhouse vocals, engaging live show personality, and interactive charm. She is passionate about her high-energy live performances and has done over 350 live shows in North America – including opening at 2019 Canadian Music Week for David James and Kira Isabella and a 2020 FEO Showcase in February. Saunders discovered a passion for music early on when she met her first mentor, producer/songwriter Cyril Rawson (Keith Urban, Gretchen Wilson). After recording her debut self-titled album with him in Nashville, she released a string of singles to Canadian radio and showcased her music during an opening spot for ACM artist Deric Ruttan in front of 10,000 attendees. She is now releasing her single “Free.”

“Free” was co-written by Saunders and Shawn Moore and marks Saunders debut collaboration with acclaimed producer Dan Swinimer (Madeline Merlo, JoJo Mason). The song blends electronic-pop elements fused with country for an energetic summertime story. With soaring vocals, the song carries a deeper message for the Peterborough, Ontario native. I believe there’s something really beautiful about celebrating life and just taking in the moment. “Free” takes me back to simpler times when I was younger and there were less responsibilities. It is when a day at the beach enjoying the sunset and watching fireworks was really important to me. Ielyse-saunders have come to learn that it’s these experiences with the people in my life that matter. It is important to slow down and soak in these quality moments. We need to make time to be free and this single is a reminder of that,” says Saunders.  Her voice communicates this carefree essence with a commanding alto resonance.

Saunders has a girl next door persona with a power packed voice that hits with authenticity.  Her warm and focused voice is buoyant, and the lyrics convey and everyday wholesomeness that is so needed in our modern times.  “Free” reminds us that happiness and the reminiscence of looking back are all the sweeter and the experiences we share with those close to us, are the memories we cherish tomorrow.





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