Liam Gallagher – MTV Unplugged (Live At Hull City Hall) Review


Liam Gallagher – MTV Unplugged (Live At Hull City Hall) Review

By: Tom Faddis

liam-gallagher-cdLiam Gallagher is a British singer and songwriter that achieved prominence as the lead singer of British rock band Oasis. After the breakup of the band, Gallagher formed Beady Eye and began a career as a solo artist. As You Were was Gallagher’s debut solo release in 2017, and the lead single “Wall of Glass” started his climb to success. Following the terrorist bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, the singer organized a benefit concert at Old Trafford Cricket Ground, and Gallagher made a surprise appearance, playing Oasis classics “Live Forever” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star” alongside Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland. Gallagher is now releasing MTV Unplugged (Live At Hull City Hall). Recorded live at Hull City Hall on August 3rd 2019, the new live album features inspired performances of his greatest hits, including both classic Oasis tracks and Gallagher’s solo works from the critically acclaimed albums, Why Me? Why Not. and As You Were.

“Wall Of Glass” is the opening track and the acoustic sounds and crowd energy is a subtle variation from the original. The recording quality is excellent, with each instrument clearly coming through, and Gallagher’s voice can easily be heard. His somewhat nasal vocal sound is in top form, and he sounds energetic and excited to be performing in front of the live audience. The band is tight, well-rehearsed, and popping with life. The female back-up singers are a tad quiet in the mix but still add to the sound.

“Some Might Say” comes from the Oasis catalog and was released as the first single in 1995 from their second studio album, (What’s the liam-gallagherStory) Morning Glory? The song was written by Gallagher, and he still sounds vibrant, singing the melody and lyrics. The song captures the spirit of today, will all the change happening in the world now – “Some might say we will find a brighter day” – and it is no surprise it is still a fan favorite, and that Gallagher keeps it in his repertoire.

MTV Unplugged (Live At Hull City Hall) is ten songs that find Gallagher’s voice, a controlled sneer, at its best since the 90s. The acoustic musical backing gives the versions a new perspective with organ, piano, and enthusiastically strummed guitars. With the tracks coming from both Gallagher’s solo albums and Oasis classics fans with find much to sing-along with and enjoy. The album is to be savored and experienced with the addition of crowd energy and fresh arrangements from a diverse catalog of music.

5 Finger Review rates this an 89

5 Finger Review rates this an 89

MTV Unplugged (Live At Hull City Hall) [Explicit]

Release Date: June 12, 2020

Label: Warner Records


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