Karen Atkins: In My Room

by Illiam Sebitz

Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Karen Atkins has a new album titled, In My Room. After 20 years of establishing herself as an expert in the natural health and wellness field, her knowledge of how music frequencies affect the human organism lead to a unique dimension of the album, Atkins tuned all the instruments to A = 432 Hz instead of the standard A = 440 Hz. 432 Hz has been said to have a more harmonious, rounder sound that is more aligned with mathematics occurring in nature – like the fact that seconds, minutes, hours and days all numerically convert to notes in the A = 432 Hz scale. Co-produced by Atkins herself and multi-instrumentalist/producer Xeno, In My Room displays cleaver lyrical clarity, powerful melodic hooks and memorable melodies

Starting “Love is Love,” Atkins’ songwriting skills are front and center. With a relaxed rock beat, Atkin’s vocals are strategically harmonized throughout the various sections of the tune. With folk-pop structure and melody, one would never know that this music is also therapeutic and that it is what makes this project so interesting. Most music tuned to 432 is usually based in sounds or presented with a new age style, this is completely folk-pop rock and very easy to listen to.

“Can’t Get” has a great bass line with a cleaver acoustic guitar riff that make the vocal harmonies stand out. All of Atkin’s music has beautiful vocal harmonies that add a depth to the music and strengthens the melodies and arrangements.

The bonus track “Slip Slidin’ Away” a tune penned by Paul Simon, is again given a fresh vocal harmony and Atkins’ vocal ornamentations to this well-known melody really lets the listener hear her subtle ability to shape a melody and give it character.

In My Room is a wonderful collection of music that can help people “feel” happier, literally, while just singing along to each track.

Tracks to sample first: “Love is Love,” “Can’t Get,” “Slip Slidin’ Away” and “By Your Side.” The song to take a chance on is “I’M Alright.”

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