John The Blind : John The Blind II Review


John The Blind : John The Blind II Review

By: Elberton Cisnero

john-ryanJohn The Blind (aka John Ryan) has always known that he would be a recording artist. Even while Ryan was an in-demand songwriter for pop music’s elite and working with Harry Styles, Maroon 5, John Legend, and Niall Horan, he knew he would set out to be a frontman. Ryan is now unveiling his own material and jumpstarting his future as a solo artist. “I didn’t feel like I was exercising my whole creative muscle,” he says of the years spent principally writing songs for other artists. “I still had stuff that I needed to get off my chest, and I needed to go do it, or else I was gonna freak out.” As for his performing as John the Blind? The moniker references an ancient Bohemian king who fought his battles blind and was carted onto the field of battle on horseback by his men. “And that’s the way I create,” Ryan explains. “I go in, I am blind to the creative process and then an hour or two later there’s just this song there.” But it’s also as much a reference to his no-holds-barred artistic process; a metaphor for how he envisions this project to be as much a creative collective as a solo endeavor. “It gives me leeway if another artist or friend wants to come to be part of the project,” he says of John the Blind’s open-ended possibilities. His latest five-song EP is called John The Blind II.

“The Running” has a catchy beat, acoustic guitar, and is anchored in electronica with Ryan’s singing. The music strikes a balance betweenjohnryan mellow and energy. The drums and bass keep the energy flowing while the guitar and synth create an environment of relaxation through mellow sounds. The lyrics are well-written and easy to relate to as Ryan takes us on the musical journey. The music production is delightful, allowing each part to ring clear and supporting Ryan’s voice.

“Minutes” explores multiple layers of vocals to create a tapestry of sounds. Ryan’s soulful delivery of the melody makes the song come to life with emotion. The contrast between the verse and the chorus is dramatic, adding to the song’s appeal. Ryan’s falsetto singing is always full-bodied and easy to hear the lyrics. The tune’s lyrics are easy to relate to, making the song that much more endearing.

John The Blind II is the second EP for John The Blind, and each release he is building his name and sound. His music is intoxicating, and his image is sharp. Undoubtedly, we will hear a lot more from John The Blind as he continues to skyrocket into stardom.

John The Blind II [Explicit]

5-finger-rate-90John The Blind II [Explicit]

Release Date: July 24, 2020

Label: Atlantic Records

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