Katie Henry | Get Goin’ Review


Katie Henry | Get Goin’ Review

by Tom Faddis

Katie-Henry-5-Finger-Review-CDKatie Henry’s latest offering, Get Goin’, is a collection of eleven tracks from the fertile ground of the Americana, rock, and blues genres. Released on February 23, 2024, under the Ruf label, the Jersey songwriter shows she is a multifaceted musician whose songwriting and singing have a velocity worthy of your attention.

Henry’s journey, characterized by her relentless pursuit of musical excellence, has been marked by achievements, including her nomination for Blues Blast and IBMA with her debut album High Road, and her subsequent international breakout on Ruf’s 2022 Blues Caravan Revue. Yet, with Get Goin’, she focuses her place as a bright light of the blues genre with her engaging vocal sound and heartfelt storytelling lyrics.

Katie Henry’s Get Goin’ intricately weaves American roots with the threads of blues, rock, R&B, and country while showcasing her distinct vocal sound and expression. The album boasts a dynamic range of tracks, ten originals highlighting Henry’s songwriting collaboration with a host of talented artists, including the renowned slide guitar maestro Bernard Allison. This collaboration has birthed narratives that resonate deeply with Henry’s journey, articulating tales of resilience and dogged determination. Each song on the album has its charm, from the fiery “Love Like Kerosene” penned by Scott Sharrard to the introspective “Wake Up Time,” co-written with Drew Yowell and George Moye, all are brought to life by Henry’s multifaceted vocal charm. The album is a tapestry of life experiences, with Henry’s soulful narratives at its core, and the contributions of songwriters like Cora Taylor on “Voodoo Woman” and the classic touch of Willie Johnson on “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” further enrich the album’s authenticity and emotional depth.

The album’s production, led by blues rocker Bernard Allison, is a confluence of talent and passion. Allison’sKatie-Henry-1 contribution goes beyond producing; his mentorship and the shared chemistry in the recording sessions have elevated Henry’s performances to new heights. The backing by Allison and his band lends a robust foundation to Henry’s vocals, guitar, and keyboard work, allowing her to explore and express the full spectrum of her musical identity.

Tracks like “Wake Up Time” and “A Doll’s Heart” reveal a remarkable vulnerability, offering listeners a glimpse into Henry’s soul. These compositions speak of loss, growth, and the raw honesty of confronting painful truths. Yet, the album is not without its moments of raw energy and defiance, as showcased in tracks like “Kerosene” and “Jump,” which capture the spirit of rebellion and resilience inherent in blues music.

Henry’s ability to cross genre boundaries while maintaining an authentic blues foundation is a testament to her skill as a musician and her respect for the genre’s roots. Her influences, ranging from the raw emotionality of Janis Joplin to the soulful storytelling of Bonnie Raitt, are evident throughout the album, yet her sound remains distinctly her own.

Katie-Henry-2As Katie Henry takes Get Goin’ on the road, joining the Ruf Records 30th Anniversary tour with Bernard Allison, it is clear that this album will be a big step in her journey as she leaps forward in her career. Henry connects with audiences through her music, sharing stories of perseverance, pain, and triumph. Get Goin’ is our opportunity to follow Katie Henry’s ongoing voyage through the heart of Americana and blues music, a voyage that will captivate listeners worldwide.

5 Finger gives a review of 86

Get Goin’

Release Date: February 23, 2024

Label: Ruf Records

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