KES | Banga Review


KES | Banga Review

by Darnell Jackson

KES-5-Finger-Review-cdFrom the opening notes, “Banga” demands attention. If I were to sum it up in three words? Fusion-filled, expressive, and rhythmic. “Banga,” the newest single from KES, is a track that elegantly blends the rhythmic pulse of Soca with an assortment of other genres, from pop and rock to reggae, calypso dancehall, and afrobeat. Released on September 8, 2023, the single is about love, desire, and, most notably, the universal allure of dance and music.

Delve deeper, and you’re greeted by a lyrical homage to Trinidadian culture—evidence of KES’s heritage. With lines like, “And baby girl I love how you tun dat dat aye, And me and you alone Ah go Banga,” listeners are invited into a playful dance where words and beats entwine, compelling not just foot-tapping but soulful immersion.

Names like Major Lazer or Shaggy may come to mind as benchmarks. Yet, even amongst these titans, KES carvesKES-2 out a niche, presenting a unique blend of genres that’s as elusive as captivating. While “Banga” echoes some familiar strains from KES’s earlier works, it confidently ventures into uncharted territory, hinting at the band’s ambitious future direction.

The emotional core of “Banga” resonates with vibrancy. The syncopated guitar strumming paired with Kes’s evocative vocals evokes an inner urge to dance. The inclusion of African rhythmic patterns highlights KES’s innovative approach to the genre, ensuring that the song resonates with both Soca fans and world electronica bangers. Produced with a polished finesse that still holds onto its organic rhythm, “Banga” showcases KES’s unwavering dedication to live music.

So, the question arises: would you press play? Without hesitation, “Banga” possesses an infectious allure, guaranteeing its echoes in playlists and radio airwaves for days to come. It encapsulates the essence of contemporary Soca while simultaneously propelling it into new horizons, signaling its lasting imprint in the dynamic world of music.

KES-1“Banga” is KES adapting fresh sounds to a global musical narrative—a clarion call beckoning us all to revel in the spirited dance of Soca.


5 Finger gives a review of 86


Release Date: September 8, 2023

Label: Ineffalbe Records

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