Magnum – The Serpents Rings Review

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Magnum – The Serpents Rings Review

By Griff Stevens

magnum-cdMagnum is a British band that has been making hard rock music since the ’70s. Formed in Birmingham by Tony Clarkin (guitar, songwriter) and Bob Catley (vocals), the band has undergone several changes in personnel over the years; however, the core of Catley and Clarkin remain strong. Clarkin has continued to write new material over the years, and on 17 January 2020, The Serpent Rings, the band’s 21st studio album, was released. The new line-up has put fuel to the fire, and the band sounds inspired. The Serpent Rings turns in eleven tracks that are energetic and constant in sound, energy, and melodic strength.

“Where Are You Eden,” the opening track, builds the energy with strings before Morris’ big sounding drum kit sets the stage as Ward’s organ and synth fill the space for Clarkin to bring it to full throttle with his crunchy guitar. Catley’s vocals are impressive as his full sound delivers the hard rock melody with all the attitude demanded to front a hard-hitting rock band. The chorus is big as the verses will bring memories of great British sounds. The song has many feel changes that keep the music exciting, and the various instrumentation gives it character too.

“Not Forgiven” is based around a classic British hard rock sounding guitar riff. Catley again has the presence and drive in his voice to sell the song with authority. The song segues between driving feels and open arena rock. The backing vocals add the right touch to the chorus. The production is even, and each part is easily heard and enjoyed. Clarkin is a very talented songwriter. His ability to write catchy melodies and exciting song forms is outstanding.

The Serpents Rings is a Hard Rock album that is full of well-written songs. Filled with classic rock appeal, and that unique British Metal that we all know and love, rockers will be right at home. The production is full, the band is exudes piss and vinegar, and the vocals are attention-grabbing. Magnum is a band that has been working since the seventies. Clarkin’s songs are the core of the sound, and it is a sound you will not want to miss!

5-finger-rate-93The Serpent Rings

Release Date: January 17, 2020

Label: Steamhammer


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