Sister Lucille Band – Alive


Sister Lucille Band – Alive

sister-lucille-cdThe Sister Lucille Band is a four-piece Blues and Roots band hailing from Southwest Missouri. The group is Kimberly Dill / Lead Vocals, Jamie Holdren / Guitar & Vocals, Kevin Lyons / Drums & Percussion, and Eric Guinn / Bass.  After 20 years of on-stage experience together, Kimberly Dill’s soulful, heartfelt vocals of Kill and Holdren’s melodic, tasteful guitar are making an impact on the blues scene. The group made the semifinals at the 2015 International Blues Challenge and is also a member of Women in the Blues! The band was voted “Most Promising New Artist” at the 31st Music Pioneer Awards in 2016 in Memphis Tn. Sister Lucille is coming on strong with a new album called Alive. With eleven original tracks, Alive is a strong showing for this hard-hitting female-fronted blues band.

“Won’t Give It” opens with a robust bluesy rock-inspired riff from guitarist Holdren. The band makes the feel just right for Dill’s expressive vocals to lay into as she sings with passion and feeling. The horns and organ fill in between the funky guitar chords and growling bass and that are set to a big back-beat. The female empowerment vocals fit Dill’s vocal style. The band exhibits a cohesive playing sound that brings the music to life.

“99 Pounds” follows the same suit, but don’t think this is a one-dimensional album, there is plenty of feels and diverse tempos. The fiery delivery of the guitar, horns, organ, and Dill’s aggressive vocals are hard to beat, and any blues fan will be right at home here. In fact, sit back and let Dill’s voice cradle you through this song and the others, she will take good care of your music needs. The songwriting is excellent, and “99 Pounds” has a saxophone, organ, and guitar solo that kills, combining a song form that has many twists and Dill’s sultry vocals is the icing on the cake.

The Sister Lucille Band offers a nice blend of soulful blues and a modernity that takes it beyond the standard shuffles and jump blues.  Together the group has created a signature sound that is driven by guitar and vocals.  It easy to see why this solid group has been garnering awards.

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Release Date: October 15, 2019

Label: Endless Blues


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