Jack Mallett & Elijy – Can’t Stop Now Review


Jack Mallett & Elijy – Can’t Stop Now Review

By Illiam Sebitz

Jack-Mallett-Elijy-cdComing for the fashion and romance hub of France are two DJs that are building a new sound that is original and organic. Jack Mallett & Elijy are no strangers to DJing house parties, and both also act as producers to create lively dance music with elements of pop and electronic music. The two have teamed up with English vocalist and songwriter to deliver a hot new single called, “Can’t Stop Now.”

The vocals meld into the music as Linhart’s warm, masculine voice takes us on a journey with well-written lyrics. The music never gets in the way of the vocal line; instead, the sounds float around Linhart’s voice to create supporting layers. The beat is danceable, but still relaxed enough for listening while working or playing. The video that accompanies the song was directed by Yannick Royo and captures the mood of the song perfectly. With an earworm melody and outstanding production, “Can’t Stop Now” is a wonderful addition to the playlist.

Jack Mallett & Elijy score another success with “Cant’, Stop Now.” This song is the first single since their debut EP Eclosion, which was released earlier in 2019. Mallett and Eliiy, combined with Linhart, create a sound that is inviting and balanced.

Can’t Stop Now

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