Manuela Sánchez Goubert | Mamá Review


Manuela Sánchez Goubert | Mamá Review

by Elberton Cisnero

Manuela-Sánchez-Goubert-5-Finger-Review-CDIn the colorful world of contemporary Latin American music, a new voice has emerged, intertwining the rich strands of tradition with the pulsating rhythms of modernity. Manuela Sánchez Goubert, a rising vocalist and songwriter, has recently released her single “Mamá,” a heartfelt tribute that encapsulates her musical journey and cultural heritage. The evocative track bridges the past and present, offering a fresh perspective on Latin American folklore.

Sánchez Goubert hails from the Colombian Andes, a region steeped in a profound musical legacy. Her upbringing in this culturally vibrant environment has deeply influenced her artistry. At the heart of her music lies a commitment to preserving and revitalizing her homeland’s traditional sounds while embracing the dynamic influences of jazz and modern music.

Currently a student at the prestigious Berklee Global Jazz Institute, Manuela is honing her craft under the tutelage of maestros like Danilo Pérez and Patricia Zárate while also engaging in social activism. Her involvement in community outreach and social justice initiatives underscores her belief in music as a powerful tool for change. This dual commitment to artistic excellence and social impact sets Manuela apart in the contemporary music scene.

Released on May 25th, 2024, “Mamá” resounds with Manuela’s ability to seamlessly fuse traditional and contemporary elements. The track is a tribute to mothers and nurturers, inspired by Manuela’s mother, who instilled in her the belief in the healing power of music. This theme resonates deeply within the cultural context of Latin America, where family and maternal figures hold a place of reverence.

The song opens with a gentle cumbia rhythm, a genre rooted in Colombia’s Caribbean coast, which is historically a confluence of Indigenous, African, and Spanish musical traditions. This rhythmic foundation is enriched by modern jazz reharmonizations, showcasing Manuela’s innovative approach to composition. The use of clarinet, played by the talented Juan Diego Panadero, adds a layer of nostalgia, evoking the sounds of traditional Colombian ensembles.

Manuela’s voice, rich with emotion and authenticity, guides the listener through a landscape of memories andManuela-Sánchez-Goubert-2 gratitude. Her vocal delivery is powerful and tender, reflecting the complexity of the mother-daughter relationship. The poetic and poignant lyrics celebrate the nurturing spirit and enduring strength of mothers, making “Mamá” a universally relatable anthem.

To fully appreciate “Mamá,” it’s essential to understand Latin American music’s historical and cultural backdrop. The region’s musical heritage is a mosaic of diverse influences, each contributing to its unique soundscape. Cumbia, for instance, originated as a courtship dance among African slaves in Colombia, blending African drums, Indigenous flutes, and Spanish string instruments. Over centuries, it has evolved, incorporating elements from other genres and becoming a symbol of Colombian national identity.

Jazz, another cornerstone of Manuela’s music, has a rich history of cross-cultural fusion. Originating in North American communities, jazz has always been a genre of innovation and inclusion, absorbing influences from various musical traditions. Manuela’s ability to integrate jazz with Latin American folklore reflects this genre’s adaptive and inclusive nature.

Manuela’s band is a collective of like-minded musicians, each bringing unique talents to the project. With its expressive nuances, Juan Diego Panadero’s clarinet playing enhances the nostalgic feel of “Mamá.” Sebastián Guerrero’s bass lines provide a solid yet fluid foundation, while Juan Sebastián Ramírez Cubides’ percussion adds rhythmic complexity, drawing from symphonic and popular traditions.

The interplay between Federico Aristizábal’s drums and Luana Brazzán’s percussion creates a vibrant rhythmic tapestry, blending Afro-Peruvian and Andean rhythms with contemporary jazz elements. Simón Martínez on piano and Felipe Álvarez on guitar and production add harmonic richness and textural depth to the track, elevating its modern aesthetic.

Manuela-Sánchez-Goubert-4“Mamá” is music acting as a cultural bridge that connects generations, honors traditions, and embraces modernity. Manuela Sánchez Goubert has crafted a piece that celebrates the legacy of Latin American folklore while inviting listeners into a world where heritage and innovation coexist harmoniously. As Manuela and her band prepare for their international tour and the release of their debut album this August, “Mamá” brings the healing power of music and the enduring influence of maternal love for us to enjoy.

5 Finger gives a review of 86


Release Date: May  25, 2024

Label: MSG Management

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