Palaye Royale | Fever Dream Review


Palaye Royale | Fever Dream Review

by Griff Stevens

Palaye-Royale-CDPalaye Royale is a rock trio of three siblings that erupt equal parts brit-pop, glam rock, and art-punk. The band has released its fourth full-length album, Fever Dream. The fifteen songs find the trio returning to their roots and composing most of the album on piano. But don’t worry, plenty of fast-paced dirty rock n’ roll and frenzied swagger remains to continue their connection with their beloved fanbase lovingly dubbed the Soldiers of the Royal Council.

“Eternal Life” has a catchy guitar rift, subtle use of electronica sounds, and driving energy. Remington Leith varies his vocal sound from aggressive rock to Djent to build the song’s energy and add aggression. Sebastian Danzig’s guitar tone is spot-on for the music and growls with Emerson Barrett’s drums. The chorus is memorable, and the vocal harmonies and doubling add width. The interlude is excellent, adding activity and power.

The title track, “Fever Dream,” has an operatic quality that allows Remington to show his vocal control and colors. ThePalaye-Royal-1 band builds each section with direction and strength. They color each section with different instrument sounds and thicknesses. Sebastian’s guitar solo is highlighted as he balances melody and emotional bends. The breakdown gives a breath before building back to the aggressive rock feel.

Palaye-Royal-2Fever Dream shows much growth within the band’s songwriting, playing, and singing. Palaye Royale has come into its own and shows they are comfortable with who they are and the music they are making. So do not delay; check out Fever Dream.

5 Finger Review Rating!

Fever Dream

Release Date: November 27, 2022

Label: Sumerian Records

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