Shiri Zorn | Into Another Land Review


Shiri Zorn | Into Another Land Review

by Illiam Sebitz

shiri-zorn-cdVocalist Shiri Zorn has teamed up with guitarist George Muscatello and percussionist Mauricio Zottarelli to release a trio recording called Into Another Land. The album’s eight selections are performed with spontaneity and interlacing rhythmic sensibilities from Brazilian music and jazz. Into Another Land was vocally produced by praised jazz vocalist Tierney Sutton and mixed and mastered by award-winning studio engineer David Darlington.


Opening with a Muscatello and Zorn composition called “Witch Touch,” one of two original compositions on the album, the trio brings a full and surprisingly energetic sound. Zorn has a precise and agile vocal style; her pronunciation is excellent and her lyric and syllable singing has character with technical accuracy. Muscatello’s chords and single lines are tempered with patience and an ear for melody. Zottarelli is active without overpowering the trio but still adds textures and forward energy. 


Of the various standards, “Beautiful Love” balances tradition and modern angles to create a fresh-sounding approach toshiri-zorn-2 this tried-and-true theme. Zorn’s scatting has textures and rhythms indicative of an instrumentalist. Muscatello and Zorn interact harmonically and melodically, as Zottarelli is the rhythmic backbone. The trio creates an atmosphere of spontaneity while making the music have shape, structure, peaks, and valleys.


shiri-zorn-1Into Another Land features a unique trio of musicians with a fresh approach to jazz. The unusual instrumentation and Zorn’s gift of acting as a traditional vocalist and an instrumentalist allow many textures to be explored. That is the appeal of this trio, their interaction, ability to listen to one another, and spontaneously move in a direction that is imaginative and powerful musically. 


Into Another Land

Release Date: October 20, 2022

Label: Self-Released

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