Calum Scott | Bridges Review


Calum Scott | Bridges Review

by Bea Willis

calum-scott-cdCalum Scott has released his second full-length album, Bridges. Scott’s debut album, Only Human, catapulted the pop singer into the spotlight over four years ago, and now with his second release, he shows his growth and maturing as an artist in that time. Bridges contains a hefty fourteen-song experience, but it is surprising how Scott chose to focus on a less-is-more approach regarding the instrumentation and production of Bridges. A handful of songs are upbeat, with more than piano and string sounds that broaden the sound before returning to the intimate focus on Scott’s vocals.

“Flaws” combines acoustic guitar with the piano and light strings to envelop Scott’s pastelcalum-scott-1 vocal sound. The lyrics are emotionally charged as each phrase builds the story and in Scott’s vocal expressiveness. By the second chorus, vocal harmonies and doublings round out the sound as the strings grow in the background to a steadily pulsed piano figure. The bridge is short and adds to the dramatic effect of the breakdown. Light drums are added to the last chorus as Scott sings his most expressive vocal parts. The subtle growth of the song is brilliant, showing the true power of less is more.

“Rise” begins with handclaps, synths, and a steady bass drum. The first pre-chorus adds a vocal choir as we are prepared for the impactful chorus, where Scott displays a stunning upper-register melody of power and emotion. The positive lyrics add to the richness of the song’s appeal. “Rise” was the second single released from the project and features a powerful video featuring actress Georgia Hurst.

calum-scott-2Bridges is an emotional album that serves to pull listeners into Scott’s vocal charms. Keeping it simple was a bold step for the young pop star; doing a less is more approach that mainly depends on his vocals and subtle growth of instrumentation, but it was brilliant. Bridges fits the times in its energy and emotion but also opens the potential for Scott to come in bigger and brighter in the future.


Release Date: June 17, 2022

Label: Capitol Records

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