Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton | The Stardust Sessions Review


Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton | The Stardust Sessions Review

by Griff Stevens

samantha-fish-cdSamantha Fish and Jesse Dayton have teamed up to release a three-song EP called The Stardust Sessions. Fish is known for her aggressive bluesy guitar skills and emotive singing, while Dayton is an established country music maverick. The pair co-wrote an album with a blues meets alt-rock sound in mind. However, on the last day of recording, the band blew off steam with an impromptu jam session; the result was The Stardust Sessions. Joining Fish and Dayton is bassist Austin Clements and drummer Mike Dillon. Rueben Williams filled the producer’s chair. As for the album the band was working on, it is called Death Wish Blues, a full-length album containing ten new original songs written by the pair and produced by the legendary Jon Spencer. The album will be released in late spring via Rounder Records.

“Brand New Cadillac,” made famous by The Clash, is given a good working by the pair. With inspired guitar playing oversamantha-fish-1 a rock, steady pulse by Clements and Dillon. Fish and Dayton have a strong chemistry when singing the melody and their harmonies also buzz with energy. Both bring their unique guitar chops to the song, with Fish digging deep to push the energy even higher. The spontaneity and joy of the band jamming comes through in the recording, yielding a fine musical expression.

The up-tempo “Feelin’ Good” is a glimpse of what the band would sound like at a live performance. The male/female vocals blend as the walking bass line drives the feel. Each provides tasty guitar fills, which keep the interest moving forward. The vocal sound is raw, but that brings the charm of the “jam” session alive.

Samantha-Fish-2The Stardust Sessions is a fun listen. Nothing serious, just a band jamming and letting off steam. Luckily Williams recorded the moment, and now we can enjoy it and have even more anticipation for the upcoming Death Wish Blues release.


The Stardust Sessions

Release Date: December 2, 2022

Label: Rounder Records

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