Pls&Ty – Run Wild Review


Pls&Ty – Run Wild Review

by Bea Willis

plas&ty-cdTommy Leas (aka PLS&TY) is a music producer and DJ from Palm Beach, FL. Leas’ music has been featured on BBC Radio 1 and Diplo & Friends & Sirius XM. His music has combined tens of millions of plays on streaming networks. Leas also has a significant following across social media platforms. Leas’ brand of EDM is a refreshing sound, his use of space, tension and release and full production of sound is outstanding.  At only 22 years old, this young lion is charging up the EDM music scene.

“Run Wild” is Leas’ latest single released on the Seeking Blue label. The tune is an adventure is colors and sounds, all built with a strong musical flow and balance of space and activity. The opening theme is a sample from an all-female vocal group by the name of Värttinä, singing a Finnish song by the name of “Käppee.” The energy and percussive nature of the phrasing is what Leas keys in on to build the track. “Run Wild” has swelling and percussive synth sounds that build through the first section. Leas’ drum and bass patterns are a nice blend of auxiliary percussion sounds and the more traditional EDM stylings. This adds to the richness of the tune and builds interest in each section. Leas takes the sample and develops it into each section of the form in various ways that is highly creative. Each section builds organically and breathes to allow for space. The sounds are natural and are blended well. “Run Wild” is a very enjoyable listen both on and off the dance floor.

Leas has a unique was of constructing mixes that add energy and interest. At only 22, his venerable skills seem to be already serving him well. He is an artist on the rise, with an ear for well-conceived mixes and music that can be enjoyed both on and off the dance floor, Leas has a mixing style that sticks, and that is what hits are made of.


5-finger-rate-91Run Wild

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