Roy Orbison & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: A Love So Beautiful

by Griff Stevens

One of the most respected and revered voices of our time, Roy Orbison had one of the most impressionable and lasting qualities in his voice. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra accompanies the iconic Orbison, their tender yet endeavoring support allows the most uniquely gifted Orbison to soar upon the wings of the orchestra’s strings. Orbison’s three sons carefully collected some of their father’s best vocal performances, some had previously been released, while others were outtakes.  Recorded at Abbey Road, Studio 2, and bolstered by family members A Love So Beautiful will feature contributions from Orbison’s sons Wesley and Roy Jr. on guitar and Alex on drums. Even Orbison’s ten-month-old grandson, Roy III, will provide tambourine and guitar, the result is an enigmatic Orbison classic.

Listeners can celebrate in several of Orbison’s classic songs “A Love So Beautiful,” most notably his signature song “Crying,” taken at an up-tempo feel, yet delicately supported by backing choral vocals, all while keeping Orbison and his angelic voice, front and center.

The sassy, “Oh, Pretty Woman” is given a driving beat and Orbison turns on the flair, as the RPO glistens with beautiful backing support and eloquent fill sections that elevate the track.

“I Drove All Night” highlights what strings are best at, a hearty staccato feel and beefy drums with trilled lines and swirling dervish elongated lines that further create a soaring appeal along with son Alex Orbison.

There is a bit of everything in the mix for Orbison fans and hopefully for the next generation to discover and explore. Hey, even Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols admitted he was and is a consummate fan.


Tracks to sample first: “In Dreams,” “Oh Pretty Woman.” The song to take a chance on, “A Love So Beautiful.”

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