Greg Hatza and Enayet Hossain | Talking Hands Review


Greg Hatza and Enayet Hossain | Talking Hands Review

by Eberton Cisnero

Navigating through the fluid boundaries of musical expression, Talking Hands, the latest offering from the seasoned duo of Greg Hatza and Enayet Hossain from Melodic Intersect, marks a significant waypoint in their world-fusion journey. The album encapsulates the artistry garnered from their extensive experience, mirroring a harmony that transcends the canvas of individuality and converges into a rich musical dialogue. What emerges is not merely an eclectic blend of styles, but rather a symphony of cross-cultural narrative that transcends the borders of traditional musical genres. Enveloped in their sound is the essence of cultural diversity; the discords reconciled, the harmonies emphasized, creating a mosaic of global expressions that culminates in a unique, borderless musical odyssey. Talking Hands is more than an album; it is an auditory exploration that invites listeners to journey through the diverse landscapes of sound, ever-evoking and engaging.

In the midst of the wonderful auditory mosaic that is Talking Hands, “Crazy Calcutta Streets” is exemplary of the duets engaging style. Here, Hossain and Hatza’s synchronization is nothing short of captivating. Hossain’s dexterous tablas meet Hatza’s eclectic keyboards in a duet that celebrates the union of distinct musical elements. Their composition unravels methodically, echoing influences from an array of music traditions. The intricate interplay of complex rhythms feels intuitive, demonstrating the duo’s seasoned musical instincts that keep every beat ‘in the pocket’.

Hatza’s mastery of the keyboard allows him to use varied sounds and layers, sculpting an expansive sonic landscape that is rich in texture. This is beautifully complemented by Hossain’s expertise with the expressive tablas. The meeting of their unique instrumental voices results in a dynamic sonic journey that captures the vibrant energy and frenetic pulse of the ‘Crazy Calcutta Streets’.

In addition, the duo’s knack for experimentation shines throughout, pushing the boundaries of conventional musicalEnayet-hossain structures, and showing their trailblazing approach to world fusion music. Each chord, note and rhythm is not just heard, but felt, as they paint a vivid picture that immerses listeners in the heart of bustling Calcutta. Through their unique character and infectious energy, Hossain and Hatza serve up a delightful slice of world music that resonates on a universal scale.

Talking Hands stands as a glowing testament to the limitless potential of world fusion music. Embarking on an audacious exploration of sound, Hatza and Hossain draw on their rich cultural backgrounds and deep-seated understanding of global music traditions to craft a unique auditory experience that defies strict categorization. Their eclectic approach to instrumentation, interweaving the vibrant timbres of Hatza’s keyboards with the rhythmic dynamism of Hossain’s tablas, forms a core element of this expressive freedom.

Their impressive improvisational skills, evidenced in the spontaneous musical dialogues that dance across each of the nine selections, and the harmonious balance between complex, syncopated rhythms and intricate melodies reveal the duet’s inherent diversity and harmonic complexity. The standout track, “Crazy Calcutta Streets”, is a microcosm of this expansive sonic landscape, where experimentation meets cultural fusion in a dynamic interplay of rhythm and melody.

greg-hatzaUltimately, Talking Hands triumphs in its ability to translate the abstract language of world fusion into a tangible, borderless musical odyssey. The album invites listeners to traverse diverse cultural landscapes, evoking a sense of shared human experience through its evocative melodies and rhythmic narratives and deep musical chemistry between the two performers. Through their artistry, Hatza and Hossain showcase the very essence of world fusion, Talking Hands is more than a collection of tracks; it is a beautiful musical testament to the power of unity in diversity.


Talking Hands

Release Date: September 20, 2022

Label: Aimrec

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