Nancy Goudinaki – Ariadne’s Lullaby Review


Nancy Goudinaki – Ariadne’s Lullaby Review

By Illiam Sebitz

Nancy-GoudinakiGreek native Nancy Goudinaki burst onto the scene with her debut album I Wanna Be Your Star, which was an English translation of Goudinaki’s original song. Goudinaki began her music studies in Greece, she learned to play classical guitar at the early age of eight and continued throughout her childhood with studying with master classical guitarist, Costas Cotsiolis. She additionally received her degree in Musicology and diploma with honors in classical guitar.  While in Greece she began to delve into vocal jazz, when bassist Lakis Tzimkas engaged her as a vocalist for his new band.  Goudinaki performed in local jazz venues, hotels and private functions. This was the basis of her expansion into jazz.  It was upon her move to New York that Goudinaki began to explore vocal jazz more heavily.  She studied with JD Walter, Miles Griffith, Cynthia Scott and Barry Harris. On Goudinaki’s latest single, she gets back to her roots of nylon strung guitar and this time in a deeply personal tribute to her newly born niece, the single is titled “Ariadne’s Lullaby,” a touching tribute to her beautiful new life.

“Ariadne’s Lullaby” is a lighthearted and tender piece. Goudinaki is inspired, her fingerpicking eloquently elaborates the loving tenderness of the tune and is even accentuated by authentic baby babbles from her niece. I don’t want to give the impression this is a vanity single only, it certainly has its place in any baby soothing setting.  It’s just exceedingly heartened by the backstory.   Goudinaki has wonderful technique, the use of percussiveness on her guitar and the reactive way she plays is filled with wonderful nuances.  She has an innate ability to coax the guitar to her will and her use of texture adds to the depth of the lullaby.

Though a tribute to Goudinaki’s newborn niece, “Ariadne’s Lullaby” has a timeless feeling, one that not only her lovely niece can enjoy for many years to come, I mean how often can a niece claim “my aunt wrote a song for me,” but make no mistake, “Ariadne’s Lullaby,” can be enjoyed by many newborns and loved ones. A definite keepsake or gift for any new family member. Highly recommended!


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