We Three Review


We Three Review

By Bea Willis

we-three-cdJoshua, Bethany and Manny are 3 siblings the comprise the Humlie trio aptly titled We Three. Joshua takes on the role of piano and drums, while Manny is the guitarist and Bethany plays bass. The most impressive part is each sibling can adroitly swap instruments as these talented three are conversely adept at multi-instruments. It was the trio’s parents that were the foundational beginnings in music.  The home was always filled with music and love.  Their father taught them to play instruments and their mother instilled love and confidence.  Sadly, their Mother passed away just over two years ago from cancer. What might have devasted most, became a unifying moment for the siblings.  By day the three teach music, by night they are feverishly performing at venues, winning new fans regularly. As contestants on Americas Got Talent in 2018, their star is definitely shining north, and with their new self-titled album the lights have only just begun their ascent.

“Lifeline” begins as a duet between Manny and his guitar. His vocals are full and rich as he sings the heart touching lyrics. The intimate beginning is a perfect start for the album and the song. Joshua and Bethany join in, and lock with synchronicity as a solid bass and drum unit that moves the song along with a pop/rock feel that has soul. Joshua also plays a keyboard part while playing the drums.  Bethany and Manny sing the melody in harmony at key moments. The melody slowly builds, for the second verse the melody raises in pitch to give more energy. When the chorus enters, it is big, catchy and the three-part harmony is memorable. The second time is given an energetic funky rhythmic vibe, that adds to the presence of the tune. The sibling harmony is peerless. The ending is a through back to the intro and the result is a song that is powerful and moving.

“Running” is an energetic selection that features acoustic guitar, high falsetto singing and an enjoyable rock beat. Starting with tight band hits and Manny singing a melody that moves along in pop manner. The chorus opens with Joshua playing sustaining keyboard chords and Manny singing a high falsetto lead line that builds energy and power for the song.  An instrumental interlude adds interest and allows the tunes energy to continue to build. The harmonies are outstanding, as this is a cornerstone signature for the band. The bridge is a nice feel change and harmonic shift, relaxing the feel to allow a build-up and stop for the band to showoff more of their wonderful three-part harmony. The vocal counterpoint at the end of the song is excellent. We Three is something magical.

We Three is a strong music unit, anchored in love. The strength and determination of their story is equally matched by their passion to pursue their unique message. Honoring the love their mother instilled in them and honoring her by fulfilling their boundless talents in song.  The trio creates a sound that feels larger than the three, it is their multi-talents that shine through in multi-spectrums. Resonating feel good lyrics and positive vibes.  Oregon has a gem in We Three and there are certainly ones to watch.

5-finger-rate-90We Three

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