Yaron Gershovsky | Transitions Review


Yaron Gershovsky | Transitions Review

by Darnell Jackson

yaron-gershovsky-cdPianist and composer Yaron Gershovsky is releasing his latest project called Transitions. The album amalgamates Gershovsky’s original music and choice arrangements, which stylistically cover a broad gamut, ranging from contemporary jazz to jazz/rock, samba, and beyond. Each of the thirteen tracks features a unique ensemble, from solo piano, trio, quartet, and a trio with vocals. Gershovsky is joined on the album by Will Lee, Boris Kozlov, Alex Sipiagin, Cliff Almond, Clint de Gannon, Ross Pederson, David Mann, and vocalist Aubrey Johnson. The like-minded players create a space for the music to live and breathe, resulting in a fluid listening experience of the bountiful ideas of Gershovshy musical kaleidoscope.

“Transitions” is a Gershovsky original featuring Will Lee on electric bass, Clint deyaron-gershovsky-2 Ganon on drums, and David Mann on alto flute. With a rich groove, the ensemble builds a contemporary jazz feel around a flowing melody that is as memorable as it is singable. Lee and de Ganon have a remarkable ability to invoke a palpable rhythmic pocket. Gershovsky’s layers of piano and keyboards give the music many textures and colors. Mann’s alto flute also adds a full color and texture. With a melody that expands over the duration of the song, each section is a musical tapestry of sounds, textures, and hues.

Yaron-Gershovsky-1Gershovsky shows off his arranging skills with a beautiful arrangement of “So Danço Samba.” The ensemble is Aubrey Johnson: vocals; Boris Kozlov: electric bass; and Cliff Almond: drums. Johnson and Gershovsky perform a gorgeous introduction. Gershovsky’s voicings are whole and has beautiful balance of tension and release. Johnson’s signing of the melody is playful, and together with the instrumentalist, sets up an outstanding rendition of this time-honored Antonio Carlos Jobim composition.

There are different tastes in jazz, but if the music is mellifluous, regardless of the style, jazz is exciting. Transitions is successful in this flow and its sheer terms of attractive compositions and arrangements presented by an exceptional cast of musicians.



Release Date: January 14, 2022


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