Yukimi & Harvie S | New York Memories Review


Yukimi & Harvie S | New York Memories Review

by Darnell Jackson

harvie-s-yukimi-cdHarvie S has teamed up with pianist Yukimi Maeda to deliver a stunning duet album of two originals and a collection of standards. In addition, vocalist Sheila Jordan makes a guest appearance on one selection. The album is titled New York Memories and is the award-winning bassist’s 22 release as a leader.

“My Shining Hour” is a swinging selection with S and Maeda connecting to create a stirring rendition of this standard. The introduction has a rhythmic building pattern and leads to the melody with energy and style. Maeda’s performance of the tune has beautifully voiced chords, and she embellishes the melody with crafty single-line ornaments. Her solo is fluid as she keeps the melody alive as she clearly articulates the harmonic progression. S’s bass keeps the swing flowing as his pulse is rock steady. His interactions with Maeda’s harmonic movement a precise and supportive. His solo shows he is equally comfortable as a soloist and accompanist.

“Hot House” has a wonderful introduction leading to the duet playing the melody together. Both have a fluid be-bop feel.harvie-s-yukimi-1 Maeda builds her solo with chords before launching into her single-note expressions. S’s sense of time matches Maeda’s drive and pulse. S’s solo shows his bass technique is able in all bass registers. The duet trade solos before building back into the theme.

harvie-s-yukimi-2New York Memories are ten themes that flourish in the hands of this able duet. The song all have a classy appeal. The swinging pulse of New York Memories represents musicality supported by the charm of genuine excellent technique and taste.


New York Memories

Release Date: February 2, 2023

Label: Self-Released


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