Keeana Kee | Love is My Treasure Review


Keeana Kee | Love is My Treasure Review

By Bea Willis

Keeana-Kee-cdKeeana Kee is a New York-based Latvian-born singer and model. As a teenager, she moved to the UK and began singing at London events, where she quickly took to performing live with a cover band. Through these gigs, she learned how to develop audience participation skills.  Musically Kee began learning piano and guitar to aid her journey into writing her own songs and developing a music style, a combination of Pop and Soul interspersed with Spanish/Latin influence. In 2014, Kee moved to the US, where she began working on her first EP plus her debut tropical single “Coconut Rum and Coke,” featuring Latin Grammy-winning producer Maffio. Maffio was introduced to Kee in Miami in the summer of 2016. He fell in love with her voice on the spot, wrote his own Spanish verse for “Coconut Rum and Coke,” took part in its music video, and a musical relationship quickly blossomed. Backed by a signature Maffio-esque tropical beat, “Coconut Rum and Coke” is a feel-good jam that inspires sunshine lounging and chill vibes. Kee is now releasing a new single titled, “Love is My Treasure.”

“Love is My Treasure,” a reggae-influenced pop tune with lyrics about realizing through all your anger and pain, what someone’s love Keeana-Keemeans to you, and the value that it holds. The song is custom made for the dance floor. The rhythm structure of the song is the highlight and is very danceable. However, Kee’s vocals are so entirely quiet on the track that it is hard to hear the lyrics. When the music gets quiet, you can hear she has a lovely voice, but the majority of the song, you cannot hear her clearly over the music.

“Love is My Treasure” has a catchy beat, and on the dance floor, it should do very well. However, for listening, the song falls short and does not do Kee’s voice justice. A better mix would make this beauty stand out much more and get heard. She is one to keep an eye on, though.

Release Date: February 28, 2020 Label: Mack Avenue RecordsLove is My Treasure

Release Date: August 14, 2020

Label: Music Seed

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