Veronneau: Love & Surrender

by Stella Landry

Take one-part Samba, mix in a bit of Choro, sprinkle a dab of Bossa and add a pop sensibility and you have the distinctly Brazilian flavoring of Veronneau. But wait, don’t stop there, add in a bit of Parisian haute and you have Love and Surrender, the latest in the discography of Veronneau fronted by vocalist Lynn Veronneau the namesake of the group.

Supported by a cast of winning instrumentalists, Ken Avis (guitar, backing vocals and harmonica) and David Rosenblatt (guitar), with a cavalcade of special guests the album has an effervescence of summer indulgence that will carry your through any season.

The title track “Love & Surrender” begins with an A Capella rendering by Lynn, joined by guitarists Avis and Rosenblatt and supported by bassist Etu Dieng and flavored Senegalse 21 string harpist Amadou Kouyate, the warming ballad focuses on the longing for love lyrically as the ensemble is tender and supportive in their accompaniment of vocalist Veronneau, who pours out her heart with introspective emotion.

“Perfidia” is an easy going Spanish tune, that is easy on the ears, it is clear to see why this genre has stood the test of time, one listen and your cares drift away.  Lynn’s diction is supple perfection, light on the ears and lively in delivery. Joined by violinist Dave Kline his playing is floating and tart all in one, adding to the spice of the track.  Tom King joins the track adding Accordion, his light touch is a welcomed textural treat adding to the Norteño flavoring.

Ending the album is “Waltz for Youssef,” exactly what the titles sounds like a wonderfully playful waltz, the ensemble once again offers a beautifully lilting rendering of a Veronneau original.  Playful and lyrically embossed with the theme of Love and Surrender.  What is most striking about this album is the emotion one feels after taking the journey of the album.  Each player is an eloquent additive to the overall sensibility of the album.  I highly recommend this lovely album as a soundtrack to any part of your day, where a break from life is needed.  Well done, and highly recommended.


Tracks to sample first: “Love & Surrender,” “Perfidia.” The song to take a chance on is “The Road.”

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